Valentina e Maria were born In Bergamo in 1991. They met in 2005 and became close friends right away.

Valentina opens her fashion blog in 2009 and with Maria organizes private second hand shops.

Years later they both take different paths, but none of the two knew that these separate routes would lead them to the design of the VF Foundation.

Valentina studies Fashion Design and Marketing, she works as a model and blows up on Instagram with a trend that will later become a bikini brand. 

Maria, after her degree of Psychology and a wide experience in retail, she follows a course of Visual Merchandising, where she develops and improves her marketing skills and the valorization of the products.

In 2020 Valentina decides to involve Maria in the planning of the foundation non-profit VF. 

The dream finally comes true. Do you want to participate with the collection of the products? Click here