VF Foundation

VF Foundation was founded in 2020 from Valentina Fradegrada’s idea with the help of her childhood friend Maria Ravasio.

VF Foundation is a non profit organization which is responsible of selling or re-selling (in case of second hand items) all sort of products, in order to donate the profit to charity: VF Foundation offers an online shop where clients can buy different products from all kinds of categories. The purchase procedure will be based on a starting price, given by the Foundation and previously agreed with the sponsors, from which it will be possible to donate even more if the customer wants to. Every month there will be one or more particular item of higher value sold at a 24 hours auction (per product). We encourage you to follow VF Foundation on Instagram and on Facebook to keep up with our news regarding the Foundation and the retail.

We remind you that the profits are aimed at achieving the “goal” of the month, they will later be donated to families in need. To stay updated with the development of the various achievements, current or past ones, you can go here: